Check out this 10 airport hacks to help you while traveling

This airport hacks shall help you save some time and money whenever you are traveling or at the airport.

1. Get through wifi Passwords

You don’t really have to be a hacker in order to get through wifi security. What if I tell you that you will be able to use Delta Airlines wifi by using password ‘Thankyou’. Yes! that’s what they usually keep for a password. Also, using “?.jpg” at the end of URL can might help you get free internet access.

2. Beware before booking your tickets

Online websites use cookies to monitor your activity on internet. This websites hike the prices after a day or two when they find out that you are interested in the flight tickets.

3. Alter your system’s timing

If you have been using free airport wifi, then you would be happy to know that you can fool around the wifi by setting your laptop’s time a bit backwards.

4. Save your money in parking

Use Discountparkandride.com before leaving for any place, this shall help you book for your parking in advance. You would get parking at one third the rate for some of the lots.

5. Get better airplane seat

Use seatguru.com before bookings, if you need some leg space or a window seat.

6. Remember your parking place

Airport parking space is huge, and you will forget where you have parked your car. Here is a tip: Take a picture of your parked vehicle and never forget its spot.

7. Turn left for security check-ins

Study shows that most of the people are right-handed and hence prefer turning towards right for security check-ins. I would suggest you to take a left you shall find less queue

8. Cancel your tickets without any charges

Missed your ticket cancellation window? No problem, What you can do is that you can shift your tickets a few weeks or months back. And when time comes you can cancel the tickets.

9. Fly in the morning

Most people don’t want to travel in the morning, hence flight tickets are cheaper in the morning. Plus your flight won’t experience any turbulence in the morning as much of the trouble happens in the afternoon. For people who hate turbulence, flying in the morning is a good idea.

10. Prefer rolling over folding

Roll your clothes and pack your bags rather than folding it. This shall save you some more space.


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