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When I write on tripzmate, I make sure that the information the article contains is useful. The information that can help travelers on their next journey. The first time international travelers on what they should do and what they should absolutely avoid. The articles written on the site is not for the sole purpose of attracting traffic, It’s written with the aim of creating a trust in every traveler regarding the site. Hence, Today I am going to write down some of the useful travel tips that could help you on your next vacation.

1. Gather information about your consulate

Indian ConsulateImage Source: defenceradar.com

Before getting into details, Let me explain you what is a consulate? A consulate is an official office of a country in another nation, That is established to help it’s citizen residing in that country.  

Most of the tourists and travelers have no details about their consulate and often take things for granted. Its advised to contact your consulate in case of losing any belongings, official documents or misbehavior with you.

2. Keep extra photocopies of your documents

Passport and air tickets

Image Source: abucketlist.com

In times of trouble when you lose your passports or tickets, its advised to have an extra photocopies of the same. Having an copy can help prove your identity in case of losing your passports.

3. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket

Foreign CurrencyImage Source: pancreaticcanceraction.org

With eggs I mean money, never stash all of your money in one bag or wallet. Keep it spreaded, Have some of the currency in a bag, some in your jeans pocket and some in your wallet. This can save you in case of a possible robbery.

4. Wake up early

Morning over angkor watImage Source: www.latitudethirtyfour.com

Yes! you read that right, wake up early. Of all the time in a day, Mornings are the best time to see any attractions. You have minimum tourists and dim lights to take pictures. A fresh air and a happy mind will make up your day!

5. Get an offline map in your mobile

Google maps on mobile deviceImage Source: time.com

Your internet is not going to stay with you in all weather and conditions. In such situations, its better to be prepared with an offline map instead of cursing your network provider.

6. Calculate your travel 

Travel BudgetImage Source: www.frugaltravelguy.com

Calculate your visa fees, local travel, your meals and stay to give you a rough idea on how much you will be spending. I am not asking you to calculate till the last penny. But its good to have a rough idea on your spendings, so that you don’t need to exchange on high rates. Avoid foreign exchange at airports and consider using your debit card over credit cards.

7. Get an international sim

International Sim CardImage Source: smartcheaptravel.com

As good as your local sim, an international sim gives you full power when it comes to connectivity. Staying in touch with your family and friends back home is always a good thing.

8. Carry an extra pair of clothings

ClothingsImage Source: www.storageworldinc.com

With upto 7kgs allowed in handbag, it’s always a good decision to carry an extra pair of clothes in your handbag. You may never know when you have change in plans for your stay.

9. Check weather 

Monsoon WeatherImage Source: darkroom.baltimoresun.com

Have a look at the weather of your destination, pack your bags according to the weather. If it’s supposed to be summer and really hot than get some sorts, If it’s really chilling than get some jackets and sweaters.

10. Understand the locality 

Local people of cubaImage Source: moralcompasstravel.info

Read about the local life of your destination, Know about normal expenses to travel in the city. What time in the evening is not safe to roam? Where all in your area you have easy accessibility to citizen facilities. Or what things you should avoid doing. Like in Dubai, kissing in public can get you in trouble, Staring at naked people on beaches in Norway is totally unacceptable, In Tokyo people hate to be pointed at in public.

11. Carry some food that you like

SnacksImage source: pururuwang.wordpress.com

Not all places shall have the food that you like. For a pure vegan it might just be difficult to find a veg restaurant in the city or vice versa. Hence, carrying some food with you is a good choice unless you don’t want to die starving.

Hope this tips be really helpful on your next trip.

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