11 Countries that will make an Indian feel richer

We always keep denying about taking an international trip, or complain on how expensive it is to go abroad! But as they say, A coin has two sides to it. It’s true on how our rupee is weaker against dollar, but it’s equally true on how we can consider traveling to other country with weaker economy against India.

You can easily take trips to this international countries without worrying about getting a hole in your pocket.

  1. HUNGARY ( 1 Rupee = 4.32 Forint)

The beautiful picture below is from Budapest capital city of Hungary. What if I tell you, that this city is affordable well within rupee? There are hotels that you can afford well under few hundred rupees.

Budapest picture

Image Source: hungaryformore.wordpress.com


  1. Mongolia (1 Rupee = 30.43 Tugrik)

Get yourself some lonely time, who doesn’t like a lone place to find oneself? Mongolia is a great escape which you can plan on your next journey.

Mongolia camping houses

Image Source: www.nomadicexpeditions.com

  1. South Korea ( 1 INR = 17.2 Korean Won)

“anyoung”, Huh that’s how you say ‘hey’ in Korean!.

South-Korea is definitely on my list to visit before I die. There are places like “Mount Namasan”, which has a spectacular view or “myeongdong” where you can take your partner for shopping.

Namsan Tower

Namsan tower in seoul, south korea.

Image Source: namsan.wordpress.com


Myeongdong in south korea

Image-source: www.moustachemagazine.com

  1. Belarus ( 1 Rupee = 224 Belarus Ruble)

Ever heard of Belarus? It’s a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, Surrounded by Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania/Latvia from four sides.

The currency exchange rate between INR and Belarus Ruble is impressive. The country’s tourism is equally impressive. Have a look at the images below. The country has historical churches, great architecture and castles.

Here is a picture of Belarus.

Victory square belarus

Image Souce: wikipedia.org

  1. Costa Rica ( 1 Rupee = 8.35 Costa Rica Colon)

Costa Rica

Image souce: landsinlove.com

Famous for its blue beaches and green nature, Costa Rica is a great replacement against Goa.

  1. Paraguay ( 1 Rupee = 79 Guarani)

Most of us know of Paraguay as a football loving country, but very less number of people has it on their travel list. With weaker currency against INR and beautiful locations Paraguay is a perfect location for relaxing in summer.


Image Source: www.jetsetz.com

  1. Vietnam ( 1 Rupee = 342 Vietnam Dongs)

Most of us know of Vietnam as a little country which gave fight to US. But those days are long gone, step inside Vietnam and you shall see wonders of Vietnam tourism.


Image Source: easia-travel.com

  1. Bolivia (1 INR = 0.11 Boliviano)

Ah! Those colorful buildings! And serene beauty, there are lot of things to do in bolivia.


Image Source: www.oneworld365.org 

  1. Cambodia (1INR = 63.82 Cambodian Riel)

 Angkor wat cambodia picture

 Image Source: arounddeglobe.com

The picture above is of famous temple  Angkor Wat in cambodia. According to Wikipedia, Angkor wat was an largest Hindu temple in the world. History of ankor wat is glorious which happened to be the part of Angkor Thom (last capital of Khemer Empire). Did I told you that Angkor Wat is known for it’s sunrise? The beautiful picture below is of the serene morning in Ankor Thom.

Angkor Thom

Image Source: www.essenceinphotography.com

But Hey! We are getting off the track, the real reason to be happy is the economy of Cambodia. Which will make an Indian traveler seem much happy, There’s not just Angkor Wat. One can do lot of stuff in camodia like taking a cruise, tasting sea-food and watching traditional apsara dance.

I will let you into a little secret of Cambodia, They say if you want to see the soft power of Bollywood then there’s no better place then Cambodia. Yes! A local Cambodian citizen sings and dances on a Bollywood song better then an Indian.

  1. Srilanka (1INR = 2.11 Sri Lankan rupee)

Sri Lanka Waters

Known for it’s blue waters and natural beauty, Sri Lanka is home away from home. For any Indian, visiting Sri Lanka would give a feel of visiting another south-part of India.  One shall find many Indian Tamilian as residents. Not a much difference in currency, but still an upper hand of Indian Rupee makes Sri Lanka as a top favorite destination in eyes of an Indian, Considering cool blue waters and natural beauty.

  1. Nepal (1INR = 1.60 Nepalese Rupee)

Himalayas, Nepal

Image Source: www.i-moveadventure.it

Less hyped, but there are several reasons on why Nepal should be on your list for next vacation. Just like Sri Lanka, Nepal is also an immediate neighbor to India and the most peaceful country. One shall find Hindus in most numbers in Nepal after India. The famous Gurkha Regiment of Indian Army has as many as 25,000 Nepalese serving India.

Need I have to mention more? Go visit this countries for a little price.

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