Aihole : Place with Unlimited possibilities

Have you ever come across a village which is an international tourist place for its temples and is so wealthy that one cannot imagine? Yet, the people living of this place aren`t rich at all. The place which is quite a puzzle to understand is Aihole.

Aihole is situated in the Bagalkot District of Karnataka, just over 500 Kms from the Bangalore. The place has its historic origin since 5th century. It has a very interesting story behind the origin of its name as Aihole. The place gets even more beautiful in monsoon.

When Lord Parushuram(Hindu god, avatar of lord Vishnu) used to encounter evil kings exploiting the people for their greed, he had no mercy over them and used to kill them with his sword at the speed of “thought”. After killing many such evils, he came to Malaprabha River to wash his sword. When he washed his sword, the whole river turned RED and looking the color of the river turning RED the people shouted “ayyo hole” (oh dear, river of blood) thus the name originated as AYYHOLE, and over the years it changed to “Aihole”


The above picture is the beautiful temple of goddess Durga. The deities of the beautiful goddess is believed to be stolen by invaders over the centuries. The architecture is so significant, that the stones used to build these temple are still holding the entire fort. The engineering of the monument can put modern engineering to shame.

With the help of metals and rods, the stones have been interlocked with each other. This interlocking of stones is less used this days as modern engineering has lost this precious knowledge of the past.

Aihole goddess durga temple

The picture above depicts the entrance of goddess durga temple.

There are hundreds of such arts carved all over the place and the walls of the temple, which depicts the kind of culture India had before British invasion in this country.

Interesting Facts about AIHOLE :

  1. The Durga temple which you see in the above picture is the same monument which has inspired the structure of Indian Parliament.Indian parliament, aihole like structure
  1. People are forbidden to dig ground in the village. When I was told about this, I thought it might just be some rumor. But I actually saw cops who are totally dedicated and are constantly visiting each and every corner of the village just to make sure people aren`t trying to dig.

The truth is, the village is very rich and people since ages have been burying their jewels and wealth in the ground. It was considered as the holy place to hide your wealth, and apparently people were very rich and they forgot about their buried wealth and so did the generations coming after.

There are hundreds and thousands of people who have illegally dug the ground and got filty rich. The wealth to be found in this place is no ordinary wealth. It is believed that finding such wealth can eradicate the poverty for generations down the line. The government has a strict rules and regulations about digging the ground here at Aihole. People cannot even dig in their own house. Even today, in the exteriors of the village, farmers find wealth buried in their fields and if my tour guide were to be believed, just a month ago some villager got lucky. He found a small treasure which sure had made him richer.

aihole village

The entire village will be shifted to a new place just besides the aihole, Government of India has acquired land for this purpose. The land acquired for this usage has been thoroughly digged and inspected so as to not find any gold.

  1. You will not find any deities in any of the 15 temples present in this village, because of the British invasion. The deities are still said to be present in some of the rich families of British origin. And it is said that the British are the ones who have been benefitted the most by Aihole, Pattadakallu and badami.

This great place has true mythological stories to convey. Hundreds of people from different parts of the world come here to witness the beauty of Indian art. I can sense that this place will soon be an international tourist spot.


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